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Software (Programos) Software (Programos)
Office Work (ofiso programos)
Graphics Soft (grafines programos)
Video Soft (video programos)
Operating systems (OS)
Antivirusines programos (Antivirus)
Data storage (duomenu saugojimas) Data storage (duomenu saugojimas)
Isoriniai kieti diskai (External hdd)
Home SMB data servers (namu duomenu irenginiai)
Hard drives (used) for data recovery (HDD)
Atmintukai (USB flash drives)
Atminties korteles
Multimedia Multimedia
CD,DVD grotuvai (CD, DVD Players)
Bluray grotuvai (Blu-ray players)
HD, MP4, MP3 media grotuvai (Media players)
Duomenu serveriai (Media storage servers )
Distancianio valdymo pulteliai (Remote controls)
MP3 grotuvai (MP3 Players)
Projektoriai (Projectors)
Ekranai (Screens)
Ploksteliu grotuvai (Record players / Turnables)
Web kameros (WEB cameras)
Korteliu skaitytuvai (Memory cards readers)
Isoriniai korteliu skaitytuvai
Vidiniai korteliu skaitytuvai
Klaviaturos (Keyboards)
Kompiuterines peles (Computer mice)
Vairalazdes, vairai (Joysticks, wheels)
Printers (Spausdintuvai) Printers (Spausdintuvai)
Inkjet printers (rasaliniai spausdintuvai)
Laser printers (Lazeriniai spausdintuvai)
Multifunction laser printers (Daugiafunkciniai lazeriniai)
Multifunction inkjet printers (Daugiafunkciniai rasaliniai)
Ploteriai (cutters)
Scanners (Skeneriai)
Spalvu paletes (color palettes)
Spalvu kalibravimas
Tinklas (Networking) Tinklas (Networking)
Bevieles antenos (Wireless Antennas)
Mars Antennas
Wireless Access Points, Adapters, Routers
Ubiquiti Networks
Modemai 3G, 4G (3G, 4G, UMTS modems)
LAN plokstes
Media (duomenu laikmenos) Media (duomenu laikmenos)
Blu-ray disks (Bluray diskeliai)
Fototechnika (Photo) Fototechnika (Photo)
Skaitmeniniai fotoaparatai (Digital photo cameras)
DSLR fotoaparatai (DSLR photo cameras)
Objektyvai (Lenses)
Video technika (VIDEO) Video technika (VIDEO)
Video redagavimas (video editing)
DVD Grotuvai (DVD Players)
BLURAY Grotuvai (Blu-ray disc players)
Ausines, mikrofonai (Headphones, Microphones)
Full size
Audio Video aksesuarai (AV Accessories)
iPod Dock
Amplifier and Receivers
CD Players
Radio Tuner
Cassette Deck
Turnable (Patefonai)
Home Cinema - Surround Sound system
Garso plokstes (sound cards)
Tinklo grotuvai (Network Players)
PIANOCRAFT (stacionarios koloneles)
Garso konverteriai (sound DACs)
Pocket PC / Translators / Calculators Pocket PC / Translators / Calculators
Translators (vertejai)
Skaiciuotuvai (calculators)
Phones (telefonai) Phones (telefonai)
Smart Phones
Business Media Phones
Conferencing Solutions
Phone desktop (staliniai telefonai)
Laisvu ranku iranga
Televizoriai (TV sets), DVB imtuvai Televizoriai (TV sets), DVB imtuvai
TV paycards (TV abonentai)
Televisions (LCD)
Digital Receivers (DVB imtuvai)
Kaon Media
Televisions Plasma (Plazminiai televizoriai)
Laikikliai (Mounts)
Moduliai (moduls)
GPS navigatoriai GPS navigatoriai
GPS Navigatoriai
Monitors (Monitoriai) Monitors (Monitoriai)
LCD monitoriai
Buitine technika (home technics) Buitine technika (home technics)
Kavos aparatai
Sulciaspaudes (juicers)
Ledu gamybos aparatai (ice making machines)
Barzdaskutes (Shavers)
Barzdaskuciu priedai (Shaver supplies)
Adapteriai - sakotuvai, Kabeliai Adapteriai - sakotuvai, Kabeliai
USB sakotuvai (Hubs)
USB kabeliai
Kistukai (Plugs)
UTP kabeliai
Serial kabeliai
Maitinimo kabeliai (Power cables)
HDMI kabeliai
SVGA kabeliai
HiFi kabeliai
Eksploatacines medziagos (supplies) Eksploatacines medziagos (supplies)
Krepsiai ir deklai (bags)
Remeliai irenginiu montavimui
HDD priedai
Kilimeliai pelems (pads)
Nesiojamu kompiuteriu (NB) priedai
UPS nepertraukiamos sroves saltiniai UPS nepertraukiamos sroves saltiniai
PC Kompiuterines Dalys PC Kompiuterines Dalys
Ausintuvai (coolers)
Maitinimo blokai (power supply)
Procesoriai (CPU)
Pagrindines plokstes (MotherBoard)
Kietieji diskai (HDD)
HDD Notebook
Vaizdo plokstes (video cards)
CD, DVD, BD įrenginiai
Operatyvioji atmintis (RAM)
RAM 400
RAM 533
RAM 667
RAM 800
RAM 1066
RAM 1333
RAM 1600
RAM sodimm
TV Plokstes (TV Cards)
Elektros iranga Elektros iranga
Elektros suoliu apsauga (surge protectors)
Kompiuteriai (computers) Kompiuteriai (computers)
Mini PC
PC (Personaliniai kompiuteriai)
Notebooks (nesiojami kompiuteriai)
Microsoft Office 2010 Pro for 1 PC 1 user, (vienas pc vienas klientas) Download for Windows
Spausdinimui draugiškasPasakyk draugui
Microsoft Office 2010 Pro for 1 PC 1 user, (vienas pc vienas klientas) Download for Windows
Spausk čia vaizdo padidinimui
Kaina: 1,222.00Lt
Mūsų kaina: 798.60Lt (660.00Lt be PVM)
Jus sutaupote: 423.40Lt (35%)
Kodas: 269-14834/DL1PC

Svarbiausi momentai:

Microsoft Office 2010 offers flexible and powerful new ways to deliver your best work—at the office, at home, or at school.

Create standout reports and presentations with tools that help you capture your ideas more creatively. Stay connected to your projects, even when you’re away from your computer, with access to Office files via Web browser or Windows phone. Work efficiently with others by sharing, editing, and reviewing files at the same time - even across geographies and time zones.

With Office 2010, you’re in control, getting things done and producing amazing results however and wherever you work best.

Office Professional 2010 includes: 

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Access

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Manage business and personal finances efficiently

  • Use built-in templates in Excel 2010 to help you construct a budget and track expenses right away.
  • Gain insight from your data quickly with Sparklines, Slicers, and other powerful analysis tools. Illustrate your information with dynamic 3-D charts and graphs you can create in just a few clicks.

Organize almost any project in one simple place

  • Make OneNote 2010 a convenient spot to organize your important resources, from meeting notes and customer information to home remodeling plans.
  • Create a OneNote notebook to collect a full spectrum of materials and media: documents, text, videos, audio, Web page clippings, and more.
  • Find exactly what you need with simple tagging and search functions.
  • Boost the efficiency of your Internet research with Quick Filing. Save information from the Web and other resources to your notebook with just a click.

Create dynamic presentations that resonate

  • Transform your ideas into memorable presentations in PowerPoint 2010 using a range of media, from high-quality video to audio and photos.
  • Take full creative control with easy-to-use photo- and video-editing features and dramatic visual effects.
  • Easily broadcast your presentation to customers across town — or across the globe.

Express your ideas with speed and originality

  • Get your creative juices flowing on everything from business reports to family newsletters with ready-to-use templates in Word 2010.
  • Add visual interest to your text with dramatic effects such as shadow, reflection, and 3-D.
  • Choose from an impressive array of customizable SmartArt® graphics that help you highlight important messages in just a few clicks.

Stay in sync with your customers and calendar

  • Use the e-mail, calendar, and task list tools in Outlook 2010 to stay connected to your people and projects more efficiently.
  • Manage e-mail from multiple accounts all in one inbox, so you never miss a message.
  • Add appointments to everyone’s calendar with a click using the Group Scheduling function.
  • E-mail your team and customers even when you’re away using Outlook Mobile 2010 on your smartphone.

Create professional-looking marketing materials

  • Create your own communications, using the powerful design tools in Publisher 2010, to do everything from marketing your business to planning an event.
  • Work from a vast library of customizable templates to create postcards, brochures, e-mails, and more.
  • Use photo-editing tools and Live Preview to try out different artistic effects.
  • Give your marketing a professional look, without hiring a professional designer, by using advanced typography tools and ready-to-use design themes.

Build your own database instantly

  • Make the most of your business and customer data with professional-caliber database tools in Access 2010.
  • Start fast with prebuilt templates you can customize.
  • Gain insight from your data more quickly using Conditional Formatting tools that use color and formatting to highlight what’s important.

Tiekimas: Usually ships in 24 hours we have in local stock (siunciama per 24h, turime savo sandelyje)
Pristatymas: Siunciam EU salyse (shipment to EU countries)


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